Exclusive interview of Guisela Moro


Born in Argentina, Guisela Moro is an actress who is about to do some noise with her new project called « Hollow Creek » with the legendary Burt Reynolds.

Exclusive interview of Guisela Moro dans Interview exclusive de Burt Reynolds guisela-moro-solo

Guisela Moro

Yannick Boutot : Hi Miss Moro, thank you very much for answering us. First, can you introduce yourself to Burt Reynolds’ French fans and French films connoisseurs ?
Guisela Moro : Bonjour Everyone! I’m an actor, writer, director. My name is Guisela, Mr Reynolds and my fellow actor friends call me Gigi. I was born in Argentina and became a US citizen years ago when I moved to the United States to pursue my acting and filmmaking career.

YB : If you have to define you acting, which word would you use ?
GM : without a doubt: PASSION

hollow-creek-movie-poster dans Interviews exclusives

Hollow Creek movie poster

YB : What can you tell us about your movie called « Hollow Creek » ?
GM : The plot line is: Seeking inspiration for his latest horror novel, a New York writer retreats to a remote cabin in the Appalachian mountains accompanied by his secret lover. Upon arrival they hear in the news about several boys missing in the area. A twist of fate turns the romantic interlude into an abduction murder case when the writer’s lover follows a lead to one of the missing boys and she mysteriously goes missing. He then becomes the prime suspect of her disappearance… The film was shot mainly in the Appalachian Mountains, coal mine area in West Virginia and some of our scenes where shot in South Florida. Our fans and people in the industry that saw the movie are calling it : “A haunting thriller with a heart wrenching love story” they say it reminds them of the movie GHOST in a way… which is wonderful feedback!

YB : How did you write the screenplay of the movie ? Did you have this story in mind for a long time ?
GM : Four years ago I drove all the way from Washington DC to the Appalachian Mountains (in the middle of nowhere) to pick up a Newfoundland Puppy. I purchased my puppy from a really good breeder named Laura McKinney. She owns Rockcastle Newfoundlands and we quickly good friends with. While driving through the coal mine areas in Southern West Virginia I fell in love with the locations… so many abandoned, ghost towns… so many beautiful authentic places, there was an instant nostalgic feeling that bonded me with the place. I immediately told myself “I have write a script and shoot a movie here some day!” . I actually told Laura the first minute I met her “I love this place, someday I will make a movie here” I’m sure thought I was nuts! On my way back driving with my puppy in the the back seat I came up with the storyline for Hollow Creek, so basically my dog Brandy is the reason why we shot this film.

She is also in the movie as a cast member, played the role of Angelica’s dog and did a great job! It took me about a year to write the script and then went on to write and work on more two scripts leaving HOLLOW CREEK On the shelf until I decided to produce it and the rest is history.

YB : How did you decide to direct this movie and what was it like on the set ?
GM : I don’t know if I consciously decided to direct when I first started writing the script… it just happen organically. I guess because I had written the story and I had every character, every scene in my head as part of my imagination it was a natural step for me to direct. The first day on set was a bit frighting, I realized I had a wonderful cast and crew team, amazing locations, a strong lead actor Steve Daron and a great DP Jon Schellenger and I told myself: “Oh my God, here we are and now I have to direct and act BOTH, I better pull this one off… I better make them believe I can do this!” … and I have to say that I enjoyed every step of it. It was was a special, humble experience. I learned so much each day on set. I learned to trust each one of my crew members, specially my DP. The graceful people from West Virginia opened their doors and helped us make this movie, they’ve been so generous in so many ways. So we ended up with great friends who helped and some very talented artists that are now part of our Hollow Creek family, the results show on stellar footage. Having a committed, hard working, talented team is key in making a successful film, and Hollow Creek is a result of that: great team work.

YB : How did you work with two difficult kind of actors : dogs and children ?
GM : This is a GREAT question. I remember all those times in film school and on every filmmaking seminar the one thing experts in the industry always said when making your first film was : NEVER have more than 2 or 3 locations, never work on exteriors keep the production mostly interiors, never work with children and never work with animals… Well guess I broke all the rules all together because in HOLLOW CREEK we had over 20 locations, half of them exteriors, we worked with 3 boys whose performances were incredible and with a total of 4 actor dogs! I don’t know what I was thinking… I guess you can say I was probably on filmmaking crack LOL


Burt Reynolds in Hollow Creek

YB : How did you get Burt Reynolds to play in your movie ? Can you tell us a little bit more about his part in the movie ?
GM : Mr Reynolds is our acting coach at BRIFT. We showed him a rough cut of some of the scenes that we had already shot in WV and he kindly accepted to play a special appearance as SEAGRASS LAMBERT, a rich coal mine tycoon and the grandfather of one of the missing boys in the movie. Steve Daron and I, plus another 13 characters in HOLLOW CREEK are his masters actors, we are part of Mr Reynolds master class at BRIFT. He is the most generous, giving, inspiring acting coach I have ever had… He has given so much back, no other screen legend of his caliber that I know of has done what he has… he is not retired living behind closed doors in a rich Beverly Hills mansion in CA, instead he chose to live in Jupiter Florida and to dedicate his life and his heart to his students. We owe him so much, I will always be greatful to him for this.

YB : What was it like to have creative control on your own picture ?
GM : If I were to chose one word to describe it, it would be : PRICELESS.

I believe in my heart that Art cannot be created if it’s pressured and controled by the goal of money making, the end result instead of Art would be a manufacture product and there is a big difference there… Art is pure and perfect when the artist behind it is free. So for me to have creative control is to have freedom.

YB : Is the movie completed ? What is the next step ?
GM : We are on our final stages of post production, starting with color correction next week, film will be completed in the next month or so. The next step is to have Test Screenings in Florida and in West Virginia then we’ve been offered by the WV film commission to share part of their booth in the AFM (American Film Market) in November. We are working as we speak with our sales and marketing consultant from CA getting the movie ready for the AFM, our main goal is to reach a successful distribution deal and hopefully be able to move into the next project.

YB : What would you say to Burt Reynolds’ French fans and French audience ?
GM : I want to say to each one of his fans in France THANK YOU for giving our beloved Mr Reynolds so much respect and love, we are aware here in the United States of the support France has giving him and his career over the years. Mr Reynolds has always talks wonderfully about your country, so mercie! Make sure you check out his performance in Hollow Creek, it’s a small special appearance but a dramatic HEARTFELT, PASSIONATE one you won’t forget.

YB : You have two other movies coming soon, what is your next goal and what can we wish you ?
GM : We have two other projects in our portfolio that we are looking to produce: a crime-action character driven movie called MOMENTS OF SILENCE and a Thriller based on true historic events called THE LAST HUNT to be shot mainly in Argentina. Wish us that we make the right choices that will keep us humble and able to produce great independent movies with a lot of production value. Wish us to find great investors! :)

YB : Thank you very much Miss Moro. It was a pleasure.
GM : Thank you Yannick and the Burt Reynolds fan club for their support to independent filmmaking, we hope to make you proud and look forward to you all seeing HOLLOW CREEK. Don’t forget to reach out to us on https://www.facebook.com/hollowcreekmovie and to check our web page: http://www.hollowcreekmovie.com 

More pictures from the movie thanks to Guisela Moro and « Copyrights owned by Newfounland Films LLC » :


Hollow Creek - Copyrights owned by Newfounland Films LLC


Steve Darren and Guisela Moro - Copyrights owned by Newfounland Films LLC


Burt Reynolds in Hollow Creek - Copyrights owned by Newfounland Films LLC


Hollow Creek - Copyrights owned by Newfounland Films LLC













Hollow Creek - Copyrights owned by Newfounland Films LLC

Interview exclusive de Danny Arroyo : « Burt Reynolds était l’acteur le plus sympa avec lequel j’ai pu travailler »


Danny Arroyo est un jeune acteur ayant joué aux côtés de Burt Reynolds dans Hard Time, réalisé par BR en 1998.

Il a gentiment accepté de répondre à quelques questions.

1) Burt Reynolds France : Comment était-ce de jouer aux côtés de Burt Reynolds ?

D. Arroyo : Burt Reynolds était l’acteur le plus sympa avec lequel j’ai pu travailler. Il était amical, et plein de grandes anecdotes. Les jours pendant lesquels j’étais présent sur le tournage sont passés très vite à cause de la bonne ambiance qui régnait.

Interview exclusive de Danny Arroyo :

Indications-tournage-300x205 dans Interviews exclusives2) Burt Reynolds France : Dans “Hard Time”, Burt était aussi le réalisateur, quel genre de réalisateur est-il ?

D. Arroyo : Il était très préoccupé par ce projet, et il aida tous les acteurs à livrer leur meilleure performance. Il n’y avait pas de pression, beaucoup de confiance de sa part. Il connaît beaucoup de trucs pour vous aider à être bon. C’est un vrai professionnel.

3) Burt Reynolds France : Peux-tu nous dire quel style d’acteur est Burt Reynolds ?

D. Arroyo : Il connaissait ses dialogues par cœur. Chaque prise était faite un petit peu différemment pour que le monteur puisse choisir la meilleure scène.

4) Burt Reynolds France : As-tu appris quelque chose de lui sur le plateau ?

D. Arroyo : Il m’a dit comment il se concentre avant de jouer. Faire cela crée un certain réalisme. Il m’a aussi appris comment avoir vraiment l’air mort. Un truc qui lui a été donné quand il était un jeune acteur par le légendaire James Stewart. C’était impressionnant de penser qu’une telle légende m’a transmis quelque chose à travers Burt !


5) Burt Reynolds France : Quel style d’homme est Burt Reynolds sur le set et en dehors ?

D. Arroyo : Il est très généreux. Il m’a gentiment permis de faire quelques photos avec lui et qui sont maintenant sur mon site internet. Il donnait son autographe à tous eux qui lui demandaient. Après le tournage, il m’a donné un très beau cadeau. Une chemise en cuir avec mon nom gravé et “De la part de Burt”. C’est un cadeau qui montre quelle personne il est.


Sincères remerciements à Danny Arroyo pour m’avoir accordé cette interview et m’avoir transmis ces photos.

Le site web de Danny Arroyo : http://www.dannyarroyo.com


English interview of Danny Arroyo : « Burt Reynolds was the nicest, most giving actor I had worked with »


1) How was it to work with Burt Reynolds ?

Danny Arroyo : Burt Reynolds was the nicest, most giving actor I had worked with. He was friendly, and full of great stories. The many days I worked on the set just flew by because of all the fun we had.

English interview of Danny Arroyo :

plan-de-camera-300x203 dans Interviews exclusives2) In « Hard Time », Burt was also the director, what kind of director is he ?

He was very dedicated about the project, and helped all the actors to bring forth their best possible performances. There was no pressure, lots of trust, and lots of nurturing on his part. He knew many little « tricks of the trade » to help bring out better performances. A true professional.

3) Can you tell us what kind of actor is Burt Reynolds ?

He knew his lines backwards and forwards. Every acting take was purposely done a little different, so the editor would have many acting scenes to choose from.

4) Do you learn something from him on the set ?

He taught about how he focuses before he begins his scene. Doing this would bring about a realism that all acting needs. He also taught me how to appear as if I had truly died. A trick taught to him many years ago, when he was a newer actor, by the legendary James Stewart. That was thrilling to think such an iconic actor passed something from Burt to me.


5) What kind of guy is Burt Reynolds on and off set ?

He is a very giving person. He gladly allowed me to take pictures with him, which are now on my website. He very willingly gave his autograph to anyone who asked. After the shoot, Burt gave me a very nice gift. An beautiful engraved leather script holder. It had my first name, and « From Burt » on it in shiny gold lettering. It was a thoughtful present and only continued to tell the story of how nice a person he is.


6) You seam to be in good shape, which sports do you practice ?

I jog and do weight training a few times a week. I’m not a boxer, but I do boxing training a couple times a week aswell.

7) What are your projects now ?

I just finished working on a film called « Richard III ». It is a remake of William Shakespeare’s Richard III based in modern days Beverly Hills 2006. In it I play Lord Grey, the son of Queen Elizabeth, played by Maria Conchita Alonso. David Carridine also stars in it. I currently have a national Heineken commercial running about superheroes where I play a superhero. My next project is a lead in a horror film called « Detention ».

8) What are your favorite actors ?

I have a few favorites that I respect and admire their talents. James Dean, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, and Johnny Depp.

9) What type of character do you want to play ?

I am open to do many roles as long as I like the characters and the story.

10) Can I wish you something for 2006 ?

A simple wish of continued success, happiness, and longevity in my career. Thanks.

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