Exclusive interview of Burt Reynolds – 2013

28 01 2014


Burt Reynolds tells us about his latests movies, theater and cinema.

We thank him very much for answering us again. I think that this is a really interesting interview from one of the greatest actor.

All pictures are from the Spike TV Guy’s Choice on June 2013

Exclusive interview of Burt Reynolds - 2013 dans English burt-juin-2013-3

Burt Reynolds

Yannick Boutot : What would be your welcome message to your French fans for this website ?
Burt Reynolds : I love France it is my favorite European country. French Film fans are probably the most knowledgeable in the world.

Yannick Boutot : First of all Mr Reynolds, what would be your best memory in your career ?

Burt Reynolds : That is a tough one….I so am blessed to have had this career…..there are many…..I have to think about which would be the best….how much time do I have ?

Yannick Boutot : What can you tell us about two of your last movies : A bunch of Amateurs and Hamlet & Hutch ?
Burt Reynolds : I have been wanting to some family stories, pictures the whole family can enjoy together, “Hamlet and Hutch” is exactly that, a character driven piece, with a wonderful story. In “A Bunch of Amateurs” I was able to work with my good friend Charles Durning, in his final film, who was at the time probably the best American character actor.

Yannick Boutot : A bunch of amateurs and Hamlet & Hutch have both a link to theatre and Shakespeare, what are your thoughts about Shakespeare and the differences between theatre and cinema ?
Burt Reynolds : How much time do we have? I am still thinking about the other question, and now this one! It is a complex question. In my opinion, Shakespeare can only be done right by English actorsthose that have been immersed in it, American actors just don’t get it right, Same is true of English actors trying to play Tennessee Williams. You almost have to have it in your DNA. As for film; the camera sees everything, you cannot phone it in, a subtle head tilt on film can be just enough, but on a stage it might not be enough, They really are two different forms of acting.

Yannick Boutot : Have you heard about the remake of Heat with Jason Statham ? Is there a chance for you to do a special appearance in it ?

Burt Reynolds : I heard about it, but wasn’t sure which “Heat” it was there have been a few. Jason will do well in it, he is the real deal. We did work together before, and I know he will do the picture proud.

Hollywood-Sign-2001 dans Interview exclusive de Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds & Rod Steiger

Yannick Boutot : You played twice with the great Rod Steiger in The last producer and in The Hollywood sign (just came out in France last year), what was it like ?
Burt Reynolds : He was just wonderful to work with. A consummate pro! He was so underrated too, he could do it all.There was some talk he would have been in ”A Bunch of Amateurs”, but it didn’t work out. I miss him , as I am sure all film connoisseurs do.

Yannick Boutot : Thank you very much Mr Reynolds.
Burt Reynolds : Thank You Yannick and “thank you”s to people that support this web site, I do appreciate it.


Burt Reynolds – June 2013



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