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Exclusive Interview of Burt Reynolds for his french website

16 08 2012

After searching a looooooong time, I finally get in touch with someone close to Mr Reynolds and send him a few questions. Agreat pleasure to finally interview him !

Thanks to Gregg Goldsbury

L’interview en français est visible ICI

Yannick Boutot : Mister Reynolds, thank you for answering these questions for your french fans. First of all, I would like to know what is you favourite film among all your movies ?

 Burt Reynolds: Deliverance, because the film holds up so well over the years. It’s timeless. The cast is irreplaceable as actors and as friends.

Exclusive Interview of Burt Reynolds for his french website dans English BR-Delivrance-188x300


BR-My-Life-217x300 dans Interview exclusive de Burt Reynolds

My Life by Burt Reynolds

YB : About 15 years ago you wrote « My Life », is there something that you want to add or to change in this interesting and funny book ?

 BR: I would like to write the 2nd Act and 3rd Act.

YB : What are your feelings about French movies ?

 BR: They are and always have been my favorite films.

YB : You played with Catherine Deneuve, what do you keep in mind about this experience?

 BR: I enjoyed the experience very much. She is the consummate professional. Always « there » for the other actor.

YB : What can you tell us about the movie « Stringer » and Elie Semoun ?

 BR: I don’t remember the film as much as I remember Elie. We had a wonderful time together and I had a great visit with him the last time I was in Paris.

YB : What were the differences between your Italian western experience (« Navajo Joe ») and American one ?

 BR: The Italian western is like making an opera. Bigger and louder and open to everyone’s ideas.


Navajo Joe

YB : You did a lot of movies with Hal Needham. What can you tell us about the last one, « Hard Time : Hostage hotel » ?

 BR: Hal is the best Stuntman that ever worked in the pictures. His staging is like a 3 ring circus!

YB : You played a great number of cops or tough guys but also comedy, in which one are you the more comfortable ?

 BR: The comedy is more fun if you have the right cast. Casting in Comedy is everything.

YB : Can you tell us how did you get a small cameo in « Strike Force » aka « The librarians » with William Forsythe ?

 BR: Bill is an old friend. I did it as a favor and for fun.

YB : What do you remember of your experience on « Crazy Six » with Albert Pyun, as we know that he pay more attention on visual side instead of the script ?

 BR: It was interesting. I’m always open to all styles, if they serve the script in terms of something new.


The Last Producer by Burt Reynolds

YB : How did you become director of « The last producer » ? And was it a way to express your feelings about Hollywood ?

 BR: It would take a year for me to « express » my feelings about Hollywood. I became Director because of a need at the time of the producers.


YB : Over the years you had some health problem, how did you manage to comeback so quickly ? Acting was therapy for you ?

 BR: I bounce back quickly from health problems. In Hollywood they are so over the top about that stuff. Your dying one day and on top of everything the next.

YB : Uwe Boll is considered as a bad director, what was experience in « In the name of the king » ?

BR: It was fine.

 Image de prévisualisation YouTube

YB : You sang « Let’s do something cheap and superficial » which have been ranked among the charts, would you have appreciate to spin out the experience ?

BR: It was fun —-  cheap and superficial.


Quinton & Burt Reynolds

YB : Does your son, Quinton, work in the movie industry ? Is he fascinated by the job and movies of his father ?

BR: He is interested in film, maybe as an editor. He has been around films his whole life.

YB : In the name of your French fans, and of course in mine, I want to thank you for answering us. Thank you very much Mister Reynolds.

BR: My pleasure.




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